Meeting Schedule

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The Board at New England IRB meets twice weekly, providing our clients with a one week protocol review timeline.

In addition, New England IRB leverages the other IRBs in the WCG family of companies – Western IRB, Copernicus Group IRB, Aspire IRB, and Midlands IRB – to provide a unified, streamlined review when a protocol is submitted under WCG’s proprietary Single Review Solution (SRS) process. These meetings can occur any day of the week.

Protocols submitted by Tuesday at 5:00PM (ET) are reviewed the following Tuesday. Protocols submitted by Thursday at 5:00PM (ET) are reviewed the following Thursday. Board meeting results are conveyed to the study team within 24 hours.

New England IRB’s site review process occurs within 24-48 hours of receipt of a complete submission. Decisions are communicated to the study team, as well as the sponsor or CRO, within 24 hours.

All submissions to New England IRB should be completed through our paperless document management system, MyConnexus. Through the use of MyConnexus, you and your research team can track, download, and access all submission documents between you and New England IRB. Detailed submission instructions are available on the How to Submit page.

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