Committed to Quality. For over 28 years, New England IRB has provided personalized service to our clients, while maintaining the highest standards of ethical review. At New England IRB, we understand that your needs are unique and we strive to complement your best practices with ethics and integrity.


We offer a single point of contact and give you a dedicated client team that handles your study from submission to renewal.

Short Review Timelines

With two Board review deadlines per week, and protocol decisions communicated within 24 hours of the meeting, our turnaround times are outstanding. Even better – additional sites are reviewed within 24-48 hours of complete submissions.

Accelerated Study Start-Up

As a member of the WIRB-Copernicus Group® (WCG) family of companies, we can reduce study start-up time for the local sites involved in your research, eliminating 45-60 days from your timeline.

Unparalleled Quality and Compliance

We have been fully accredited by the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protections Programs® (AAHRPP) since 2003, and are in good standing with FDA.

Targeted Site Selection

Through our relationship with WCG, you have access to the largest investigator database in the United States. We can help you to target the most reliable and efficient investigators in every therapeutic area.

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