New England IRB accepts study and site submissions via our online portal, MyConnexus.

The following materials may be required
for review of your study:

Initial Protocol Submission

  • Initial Review Submission Form
  • Final Research Protocol
  • Indemnification Agreement
  • Investigator’s Brochure or Device Specifications, if applicable
  • All information intended to be seen or heard by subjects including:
  • Proposed consent document (Microsoft Word compatible format)
  • Recruitment scripts
  • Proposed subject information (instructions, surveys, diaries, etc.)
  • Other supporting material (sample of any proposed advertising, etc.)

Adding Additional Investigators

When the study protocol has been submitted to New England IRB, please send site application materials below. If the protocol has not yet been submitted, please submit one set of the documents above in addition to the following:

  • Initial Review Submission Form
  • Current Curriculum Vitae of principal investigator(s) (must include current practice address)
  • Copy of current medical license for principal investigator
  • Other supporting material (sample of any proposed advertising, etc.)
  • Massachusetts investigators only: Copy of Researcher Registration

When sending any signed documents via MyConnexus or email, please scan and send in PDF format. Please do not send password protected documents.

If you have questions about the submission process, please call New England IRB, 617.243.3924 or e-mail New England IRB.

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