As a member of the WIRB-Copernicus Group family of companies, New England IRB is pleased to offer clients the option of our Single Review Solution. By utilizing the power of our sister company, Western IRB (WIRB), we are able to provide an all-in-one single IRB review solution for all sites participating in a clinical trial.

Whether sites are private or institutionally-based, each is reviewed under one IRB umbrella process: the Single Review Solution (SRS). SRS works by connecting WIRB’s client base of over 2,100 universities and hospitals (for which WIRB is their IRB-of-Record) with New England IRB’s central site review process to allow for one seamless IRB submission and review.

Among its many advantages, SRS allows our sponsor clients to avoid the time-consuming process of working with local IRBs, and instead, manage the IRB review process and its associated documentation through one contract. By applying our SRS process, you can save considerable time and expense in study start-up by eliminating several months of administrative delay.

Although New England IRB’s central IRB review services can be engaged separately, the advantages of SRS are demonstrable. Since launching the SRS process in 2013, WCG IRBs have reviewed over 350 studies and over 9,000 sites, using this proprietary process. SRS is now the “go-to” central IRB solution for sponsors and CROs across the industry.

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