New England IRB has been reviewing Social, Behavioral and Educational Research (SBER) studies for over 25 years. We have the experience to navigate the jurisdictional issues that can complicate SBER studies, and we have the expertise to apply the regulations in context to their intent. Through knowledge and experience, New England IRB is able to avoid the mission creep that so often occurs with these studies.

At the forefront of human subject protection, our experience covers the vast array of SBER studies — both minimal risk and greater than minimal risk. For recipients of grants that require IRB review, New England IRB can walk you through the process and help you submit your study for review with the least amount of hassle.

With review of SBER studies at New England IRB, we also offer:

Expedited review for eligible studies
Eight day turnaround for Full Board review
Assistance with Federal-wide Assurance submissions
Guidance for Waiver of Consent and Waiver of Documentation of Consent
Experience in web-based studies
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